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Webinar on Demand: Simplify customer data and get financial insights in Business Central

Explore how you can simplify customer data management and see financial reports in Microsoft Business Central. Our Chief Product Officer, Michael Simonsen, will guide you through.

See the webinar on demand (in English)
See the webinar on demand (in Danish)

Webinar on Demand: Simplify customer data and get financial insights in Business Central


Learn how the effective features in our Microsoft Business Central app, Business720, can streamline workflows, automate data maintenance, and deliver financial reports and key metrics about your customers and suppliers.

Language: English
Duration: 35 Minutes

The webinar enables you to achieve:

  1. Effortless Data Creation
    Learn how Business720 simplifies data entry by automating the creation of customers and suppliers, reducing manual work and minimizing errors.
  2. Accurate Real-Time Data
    Discover how Business720 ensures updated master data from national business databases, providing accurate and reliable information for your business.
  3. Insightful Financial Reports
    See how Business720 offers direct access to annual financial reports and key metrics directly in Business Central. This provides valuable insights for decision-making and strategic planning.
  4. Flexible Validation Options
    Hear how Business720's flexible validation options allow you to run validations individually or in bulk updates. Schedule validations for automatic execution.
  5. Tailored Notifications
    Learn how Business720 keeps you informed with alerts and alarms when there are changes in a company's status. Customize notifications to your needs and stay proactive and in control.
  6. Enhanced Compliance
    Understand how Business720 helps you comply with EU regulations by automatically verifying companies against the VIES database, minimizing cross-border trading risks.

As an extra bonus, you will also be presented with:

  • The Super Simple and Easy Setup of Business720
    Gain insight into Business720's quick and easy setup process, enabling you to get started in minutes and achieve immediate benefits for your business.

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