Easily access multiple Business Central environments from one central view with Portal720.

Maximize efficiency with a centralized overview of your customers’ Business Central environments.

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Why Portal720

More and more customers are moving to the Business Central cloud which requires even better tools to minimize management overhead.

  • Do your consultants have problems with finding the Environment and Company for a specific customer?
  • Do you need an overview of installed APPs across environments
  • Would you like a simple overview of Environments with easy access to changing cadence etc.
  • Do you find it annoying to configure launch.json every time you work on a new Environment?
  • Is it too troublesome to deploy Environments for test and demo purposes?
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Reduced time spent executing the process

One click to create an Environment

With Portal720 you can create clean or pre-configured Business Central Environments for test or demo purposes in minutes.

Reduce time spent on handling employee expenses

Single sign-on

Security is important and logon to Portal720 is done with single sign-on with your existing Microsoft account and multi factor authentication.

Fewer complications and human errors

Fewer complications and enhanced searchability

Team work across Business Central consultants or accountants is simplified with a single and centralized portal with built-in searchability for the name of an Environment, a Company or an Extension.

Pay-as-you-grow licensing model

Free to use for ON720.COM partners

When signing up as a partner with ON720.COM, Portal720 is free to use, when having at least one ON720.COM app per Environment.


Portal720 for Business Central Management.
Portal720 is a web based application for Business Central Management.

Centralized Business Central Environment access

1. Sign-in with your Microsoft Account to access all of your customers Business Central Environments and Companies in one unified view.

2. Search for your customers Environment and access the desired Company in seconds.

3. As a developer you can download the content of the launch.json file with a single click in the portal and configure VS Code in seconds.

4. Create an Environment for test and demo purposes without having to access other Microsoft or 3rd party tools.

Portal720 is a web based application that provides you with a centralized overview of Business Central Environments.

Licensing plans

Portal720 is free to use for partners of ON720.COM. When just one ON720.COM app is installed in an Environment it will be added to the searchable list. 


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