Electronic document handling.

The Peppol720 App from ON720.COM is streamlining the document sending process and provides an updated status on the delivery process.

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Why Peppol720

When having to send invoices and credit notes as e-documents, the current standard functionality in Business Central is very limited.
  • Standalone 3rd party applications for handling e-documents are very time consuming to use.

  • Sending e-documents fails for various reasons but the user is not informed in any way.


Multiple ways to save time

Peppol720 makes you able to send documents directly from Business Central instead of having to use an external service with a separate user interface.

Fewer complications and human errors

Just setup a standard sending profile and then your users can send e-documents using the peppol format.

Document sending status on rolecenter

With Peppol720 you will have a real time overview of the status of the documents you have sent and whether they have been received by the recipient. 

Peppol720 setup is done in minutes

Peppol720 is public available for download and can be applied to you cloud based Business Central environment in minutes. Peppol720 is usable out of the box with a minimum of configuration.

Pay-As-You-Go licensing model

All APPs start in a free plan and the plan will be adjusted to the current usage of the APP. If the usage is decreasing the plan will be adjusted accordingly. 


Peppol720 makes it very simple to send e-documents to customers for Business Central users.
Peppol720 makes it very simple to send e-documents to customers for Business Central users.

The automated sending process

1. Configure the document sending profile to use Peppol720.

2. Create a standard invoice in Business Central and select Post and send. The built-in document viewer can be used for reviewing the document before sending the document.

3. The invoice is sent to our peppol network provider using the VAT number as recipient identifier.

4. When the peppol document is sent a sending status is providede in a dedicated overview in Business Central.

Sending e-documents to customers can be a hurdle for the Business Central users. Peppol720 makes it very simple. Peppol720 is a public available app for the cloud based Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central and can only be found in Microsoft AppSource.

Licensing plans

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