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Are you passionate about developing tomorrow’s innovative Apps for Business Central? Do you want to add your own touch to our products? Do you want to take responsibility and be part of a competent development team?

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About the job

At ON720.COM we develop Apps for Business Central in the Microsoft cloud. Our ambition is to develop user-friendly and cost-effective apps and we have a clear idea of what capabilities these Apps should have and what challenges they should solve for our customers. 

We are eager to make the ideas come true. That’s why we need someone like you who can help the team and our customers to reach their goal even faster.

About the team

At ON720.COM you will be part of a dedicated team, who works with App development for Business Central, which are made available to our customers in Microsoft AppSource.

Your future colleagues in ON720.COM are highly skilled and have several years of experience in developing scalable Business Central Apps.

We work in two week sprints using Microsoft DevOps for planning and deployment. As Business Central Developer you will be working closely together with our Business Central Consultants, who acts as Product Owners.

You will also be working closely together with our backend team, who will handle the automation, data management, and frontend functionality outside Business Central.

Apart from App development we also provide consultancy on Business Central and as Business Central Developer, you will be supporting our Consultants when implementing our Business Central Apps.

What profile are we looking for?

You have experience with the Business Central AL programming languageYou have experience with Java ScriptYou are computer scientist with +3 years of experience.

You are a team player and with a willingness to take responsibilityIt will be advantageous to have a financial backgroundYou have experience working according to the scrum model.

Your focus areas

Business Central development for our ON720.COM Apps

Join us

We offer a flexible work arrangement with respect for a healthy work–life balance for all employees, and a unique opportunity to make your impact on the organization as it grows together with you.

We offer you to join social activities with your colleagues, also here we hope you might have a great idea for some activities.

Regards Martin Lopdrup, CEO.

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